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 Certificates :

Dastgireh Iran is committed to meet all vital qualifications for achieving a variety of controlling certificates to which some of them mentioned below:
1)Self Declaring Certificate from Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran
2)Certificate of Quality Control Management ISO 9001-2008 from IMQ , Italy

 History :
Producing beautiful and high qualified products, Dasgireh Iran catches the market eyes from the beginning of its born and vast its production in accordance to the needs of market through decades. 30 years in your hands, we proud to stay with you a long life... 

Production line :

Dastgireh Iran production line consists of:

Mold Design and Production, Die Casting, Polishing, vapor Degreasing, Electroplating and Electrolacquer coating, Assembling, Final Control and packing.
Using appropriate numbers of equipments and expert operators, Dastgireh Iran developed its production capacity in order to deliver torrents of market order on time to satisfy customer's needs.
Precise surveillance of apparatus and feeds has ensured the optimize performance pleasing the customer's rights.

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    catalog 2015


    Printed and distributed 2015 catalog includes all the products the company handles Iran And a full description is provided for each product . Allows you to select the required product Through this catalog and connect with representatives is very simple 


    Custom and proprietary product 
    To produce proprietary and exclusive contracts with official representatives now handle Iran

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